Loving Life!!

Just saying hello to my friends 🔆
And give a HUGE Thanks to Caleb and his family for setting me up for success with my new family. He follows my social media journey and keeps checking in to see how I’m doing. Love the personal touch and his interest.  Definitely didn’t expect that and won’t forget it!
As you can see I’m super social and LOVE making new friends.  Standing up to say hello – I’m told this is something that my grandmother used to do 🙂
I also LOVE meeting my siblings around town.  Would love to keep in touch when you get your pup too!
I’m all about family and friends that feel like family 🦮💛🐾
  – Love Lainey Love 1 1/2 years old and loving life!

Such A Wonderful Experience!

  I just want to start with saying we absolutely love and adore this little puppy of ours from Pine Meadow. This family was a blessing to meet! We had been looking for a puppy when we came across Caleb by chance online. I had searched until my eyes hurt. I just had a good feeling that they were a good family to purchase a dog from immediately and my feelings were right. It just took one phone call, and super easy to contact! Caleb was nothing but fantastic to us. Even after we brought our “Gracie” home he was great about checking in to see how she was doing. He answered calls days later and helped me with whatever I needed and answered every question I had. She was very well socialized and took to my kids right from the start. We have a six month old, a four and seven year old. She rode in the car for 3 hours and they took turns holding her in their laps and she never once wined nor had any accident’s in the car. She was such a calm little puppy and has such a good disposition. She didn’t even wine much once we got home with her. She was already crate trained and has been really easy to teach simple commands like Come, Sit, and Pin Up. If anyone is in the market for a dog I would strongly suggest they make a call to Pine Meadow! Because of how well we were treated, we will definitely be purchasing another golden retriever from Pine Meadow again. One happy family with our new beautiful Golden Girl!!! “Gracie Peach”    

Healthy, Happy Puppies!

    I would definitely recommend Pine Meadows if you’re looking for a healthy, happy, and playful  puppy! I have always grown up around dogs and knew when I moved out on my own that I wanted a golden retriever. I researched many breeders and came across Caleb. He was friendly and quick to respond. After driving 3.5 hours to see the puppies and the environment they were in, I knew immediately I was going to take one home. Caleb took the time to show me around and gave me the opportunity to meet “Milo’s” mom and dad. He was also kind enough to hold him until I was able to take him home a couple of weeks later. I get stopped all the time on walks by people asking to pet “Milo” and telling me “He is honestly the cutest puppy I have ever seen.” Milo is full of energy and super friendly, so I know he was well taken care of when he was in Caleb’s care. If you are looking for a golden retriever that is healthy, loving, and adorable, you should definitely visit Pine Meadows!


Milo 1 yr. old



Couldn’t Be Happier…

 My family and I could not be happier with the puppy we purchased from Caleb! After doing a few months of research on what would be the perfect breed for our family, we decided on an English Mastiff. In our search for puppies, we found many breeders used the term “show dogs” as their selling point. We have no interest in showing our dog, nor paying for the “show dog” price tag. We came across Caleb’s website and very much appreciated the fact that he makes a point to let you know that he and his family breed these dogs to be a part of your family, and that the well being of the dogs is their priority.
 We were able to go and visit the pups and were very impressed with the setup Caleb has for all of the dogs. All of the dogs are SO sweet and very people friendly! It wouldn’t have been a deal breaker if they weren’t, but it definitely is a testament to how well the dogs are treated and how they are well socialized.
 Caleb was EXTREMELY prompt in responding to any questions I had. He was also very accommodating if I had any requests (pictures, scheduling a visit, etc.). I don’t think the experience of our family buying our first puppy could’ve gone any better. With the policies he has in place, as a customer, I feel like our satisfaction is a priority of his as well. And if in the future we ever decide to get another Mastiff, there is no question we would come back to Pine Meadow. I feel like we were very spoiled in our experience!
 And as for our “little” guy, Walter, we are so in love with him. He is a sweet, snuggly boy and we couldn’t be happier!! Needless to say, I would HIGHLY recommend using Pine Meadow as a breeder!!!

Wonderful Addition!

Caleb,                                          Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt our lil’ sweetie “Roman.” He is healthy, beautiful & has certainly been well cared for, & has been a wonderful addition to our family. Caleb, you can definitely tell that your heart goes into the raising & choosing of homes for these beautiful Mastiffs. When we decide to adopt another baby, you will definitely be our guy! Thanks so very much!

Outstanding Service!

 I have been extremely impressed with my purchase of a Golden Retriever Puppy from Pine Meadow Retrievers. I have always been apprehensive of purchasing a puppy from a long distance but I have been very pleased with the trustworthiness & honesty I have found in dealing with them & would definitely purchase another one from them! Their service was outstanding…  they had immediate assistance by phone call, text or email for any questions I had concerning the puppy, shipping arrangements, updates, etc. I could tell the puppy had been well socialized before she arrived here with us.”Gracie” is a very smart, playful & lovable puppy & is growing into a beautiful dog!

Highly Recommended!

Nearly all my life I’ve wanted a large breed of dog. However, because of their size, I wanted to be confident that I chose a breed with a stellar temperament. Digging through countless articles and videos we finally made our choice- we firmly settled on the stately English Mastiff.

Perfect, we found our breed! Now, the question loomed: where would we find an English Mastiff breeder near our small town?

Enter Pine Meadow Mastiffs. Was I ever absolutely overjoyed to discover that we had a reputed breeder of these giants  in our pint-sized town.

After visiting Caleb’s operation countless times, I can categorically tell you he’s a professional and humane breeder. Immaculate to a fault, his facilities house very healthy and happy pups! His Mastiffs were all beautiful examples of the breed and very well-socialized too.

Since purchasing our “Homer”  Caleb has been so attentive to our calls and questions. He’s voluntarily called us and texted us to check on how Homer is adjusting.

Honestly, you can’t ask for better quality animals and breeder. Highly recommended!



Genuinely Cared!

At age 19 I was in South Carolina on the beach & saw two beautiful white dogs that looked very similar to an original Golden Retriever. When I asked what kind of dog they were, the owners told me English Cream Retriever. These two dogs were the  most beautiful dogs I had ever seen, & I fell in love. At age 20 I started looking for a puppy to raise & grow up with & I knew I wanted an English Cream. I looked at many puppies & talked to many breeders. My young age made me more prone to finding puppy scams but I quickly learned how to tell the difference between a scam, a puppy mill, a breeder who only cared about money, and a breeder like Caleb. Not only were Caleb’s puppies the most beautiful but he genuinely cared about where they were going. He asked me where I lived & what type of home environment I had as well as assured I would treat him well. Caleb also gladly provided me with a reference for me to call.

I drove 7 1/2 hrs. with my dad & sister to pick up my new male puppy “Sailor”. Caleb offered to drive an hr. my way to make our trip shorter but we knew we wanted to see where the puppy grew up & meet Caleb & his family. When we got there, Caleb let the puppy down & it ran & embraced me! We met Caleb’s family as well as the pup’s family & the other dogs on site. All the dogs are kept in amazing conditions!

Posting pictures of my handsome “Sailor” on social media has brought many people calling & asking where I got this beautiful dog. My cousin ended up calling me asking where I got my puppy & I referred her to Caleb. She decided to get his brother so the pups will get to see each other again.

If you are looking for a puppy, I highly recommend Caleb. The puppies are happy, healthy & extremely gorgeous!


Sailor & Bennett (Ranger & Lacey’s Litter)  1 yr. old

Bundle of Puppy Joy!


    Everything about my experience with Caleb and Pine Meadow was superb! Caleb is an honest, knowledgeable and caring man who patiently answered all of my questions and emails. He has a perfect mix of professionalism and kindness.When my family and I arrived to pick up my English Cream Golden Retriever I could not have been more impressed! All of Caleb’s dogs were extremely clean and very happy. His home and facilities just radiated love!  Again, Caleb was patient and allowed me time with all of the available puppies before I selected my new bundle of puppy joy. Once I selected my boy, Caleb even gave him a bath before we took him home.
Although everyone thinks that their puppy is the cutest, if you are blessed enough to get one from Pine Meadow I know you will be correct. You will have the cutest puppy and a wonderful addition to your family.
It was a pleasure meeting Caleb and his lovely wife. I thank them for providing excellent service. I now have an extremely well adjusted, healthy and happy Pine Meadow puppy!

Dream come true…

My dream came true!

I have always wanted a golden retriever puppy, and my dream recently came true. I couldn’t be happier with the newest addition to our family, “Nola”. From the second we met her, Nola has been a sweet, energetic, and wonderful puppy.

She loves to play with our lab “Jett”, other dogs, and all people, but she can also mellow out and snuggle. She’s a smart girl and a very fast learner, taking quickly to commands (especially when treats are involved).
Caleb was very responsive, and he made the process very easy. I was a little nervous about adopting from a breeder, but Caleb was extremely honest and open about his dogs – we even got to meet Nola’s parents (Daisy & Beau). We would definitely recommend anyone looking for a golden to visit Caleb at Pine Meadow.
I have a new best friend, and am excited to see what adventures come our way.

Beyond Grateful…

  My three word summary for our experience with Pine Meadow: excitement, professional, joy! My husband and I had been looking to find a female English Mastiff for quite some time. We had researched the breed and once we felt knowledgeable about this decision we searched to find a credible breeder. It also helped this was the breed my husband had wanted since he was a kid. Then I found Pine Meadow and saw they had just what we needed. I reached out and got the same day response from Mr. Caleb. I asked him many questions and over email felt comfortable with him and his website was so user-friendly. After showing my husband the pictures of the females puppies who were available, we were sold. We were able to come out to see the puppies the very next day and even driving up to Pine Meadows, we were at such ease. Caleb greeted us and showed us around and I appreciated we even got to meet the parents of the available puppies. We asked more questions and apologized for so many, but Mr. Caleb answered every one with such confidence and didn’t mind at all. We walked to where the puppies were and Mr. Caleb introduced us to each and we had the chance to play with each one and get to see their sweet personalities. My husband would of taken them all if I would of let him. Even my heart was melting with each cute little nibble and kiss from these pups. We chatted with Caleb and got to know him and told him about ourselves and the whole time I felt so relaxed and knew this was a magnificent place. After some time, we picked our little girl and walked her to the car and finished everything we needed to with Caleb. He explained the last final details, then explained the normal behaviors of mastiffs when going to a new place and tips to help make it easier for the little pup. We thanked him and he wished us luck and to stay in touch. The entire drive home she didn’t leave my husband’s lap and we were instantly in love. We are beyond pleased to have found Caleb and Pine Meadows. Little Miss “Galaxy” has become a perfect fit for our little family. She has adapted so well to her new home and plays with her new brother every minute it seems. We’ve already taken her out and everyone who has met her loves her and we refer them to Caleb at Pine Meadows every time. I would go back there for our next puppy in a heartbeat. Caleb, I can’t thank you enough for being so patient with our many questions and trusting us to give Galaxy a loving home. I hope who reads this will understand just how amazing our experience was and we are beyond grateful for our new addition. Enjoy this place, you won’t be disappointed in any way!


Very Well Socialized…


     We have been very happy with our puppy from Pine Meadow.  We had been looking for a puppy when we came across Caleb by chance.  It was a great decision to call him because he was nothing but fantastic to us.  Even after we brought our “Ripley” home he was great about checking in to see how she was doing.  She was very well socialized and was great with people and other animals the day we brought her home.  We couldn’t have asked for better service or a better animal. If anyone is in the market for a dog I would strongly suggest they make a call to Pine Meadow!  Because of how well we were treated, Caleb is the only person we will buy a Golden Retriever from!



Great Experience!

  At age 58, I decided I wanted to get a dog. I had my heart set on getting a Golden Retriever. My daughter has one & she loves him just like a child. My son & I started researching Golden Retriever Breeders online & talked to 3 different breeders, one being Caleb at Pine Meadow. Talking with Caleb was one with such ease & heartfelt how he finds a good home for his puppies. He asked several questions about myself, my son and our home condition. At that time, Caleb sent me several photos of the different puppies he had available. I picked my “Brady.” My heart just knew he was the right one for me just from the photos Caleb sent me! Over the next 2 weeks, Caleb would send me photos of Brady & give me an update on his growth and personality. My son and I drove 3 1/2 hrs. to pick up our new little puppy. From the time we arrived and met Caleb and Brady, my son & I both knew this was our “Puppy.” Caleb took the time to take us around his facilities, gave us background on Brady’s mother & father & we got to see his other siblings. It was such a great experience! From the time we put Brady in our car to head back home, Brady has never cried or whimpered. I was expecting to be up through the night time with him, but that did not happen at all.

Brady is now 3 months old & he has brought so much joy to me & my son, and to my neighborhood. People stop me all the time asking “Is that a Golden Retriever… that is one of the best-looking retrievers I have ever seen.”

If you are thinking about getting a Golden Retriever, I highly recommend Caleb being your “Breeder of Choice”!


Pure Blessing!

First, I want to thank Caleb and his family for our gorgeous Mastiff, “Augie”.  He has been the best since we brought him home.  Just the sweetest!  It has not been hard to spoil him!
Pine Meadows has the most beautiful Mastiff puppies and all are very well cared for and socialized.  
Caleb was very knowledgeable and answered all questions.
When we decide to add another addition to the family we will be going back to Pine Meadows! 

So Much Joy!

My “Athena” has brought so much joy to my life & I could not have asked for a better Valentine’s gift! She is a very sweet natured & laid back puppy & loves to be my shadow. She has a big brother that she adores as well and also loves to play with my nephews. She has also been in training for obedience & commands & is learning very well & quickly. Our experience in dealing with Caleb to purchase Athena was great. With the distance between us, we had her shipped to us via air & all went very well & smooth! The service & communication through phone, texts etc. was outstanding & we were well pleased through the whole process. If you are looking to purchase an English Mastiff puppy I would definitely recommend Caleb!