Couldn’t Be Happier…

 My family and I could not be happier with the puppy we purchased from Caleb! After doing a few months of research on what would be the perfect breed for our family, we decided on an English Mastiff. In our search for puppies, we found many breeders used the term “show dogs” as their selling point. We have no interest in showing our dog, nor paying for the “show dog” price tag. We came across Caleb’s website and very much appreciated the fact that he makes a point to let you know that he and his family breed these dogs to be a part of your family, and that the well being of the dogs is their priority.
 We were able to go and visit the pups and were very impressed with the setup Caleb has for all of the dogs. All of the dogs are SO sweet and very people friendly! It wouldn’t have been a deal breaker if they weren’t, but it definitely is a testament to how well the dogs are treated and how they are well socialized.
 Caleb was EXTREMELY prompt in responding to any questions I had. He was also very accommodating if I had any requests (pictures, scheduling a visit, etc.). I don’t think the experience of our family buying our first puppy could’ve gone any better. With the policies he has in place, as a customer, I feel like our satisfaction is a priority of his as well. And if in the future we ever decide to get another Mastiff, there is no question we would come back to Pine Meadow. I feel like we were very spoiled in our experience!
 And as for our “little” guy, Walter, we are so in love with him. He is a sweet, snuggly boy and we couldn’t be happier!! Needless to say, I would HIGHLY recommend using Pine Meadow as a breeder!!!
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