Beyond Grateful…

  My three word summary for our experience with Pine Meadow: excitement, professional, joy! My husband and I had been looking to find a female English Mastiff for quite some time. We had researched the breed and once we felt knowledgeable about this decision we searched to find a credible breeder. It also helped this was the breed my husband had wanted since he was a kid. Then I found Pine Meadow and saw they had just what we needed. I reached out and got the same day response from Mr. Caleb. I asked him many questions and over email felt comfortable with him and his website was so user-friendly. After showing my husband the pictures of the females puppies who were available, we were sold. We were able to come out to see the puppies the very next day and even driving up to Pine Meadows, we were at such ease. Caleb greeted us and showed us around and I appreciated we even got to meet the parents of the available puppies. We asked more questions and apologized for so many, but Mr. Caleb answered every one with such confidence and didn’t mind at all. We walked to where the puppies were and Mr. Caleb introduced us to each and we had the chance to play with each one and get to see their sweet personalities. My husband would of taken them all if I would of let him. Even my heart was melting with each cute little nibble and kiss from these pups. We chatted with Caleb and got to know him and told him about ourselves and the whole time I felt so relaxed and knew this was a magnificent place. After some time, we picked our little girl and walked her to the car and finished everything we needed to with Caleb. He explained the last final details, then explained the normal behaviors of mastiffs when going to a new place and tips to help make it easier for the little pup. We thanked him and he wished us luck and to stay in touch. The entire drive home she didn’t leave my husband’s lap and we were instantly in love. We are beyond pleased to have found Caleb and Pine Meadows. Little Miss “Galaxy” has become a perfect fit for our little family. She has adapted so well to her new home and plays with her new brother every minute it seems. We’ve already taken her out and everyone who has met her loves her and we refer them to Caleb at Pine Meadows every time. I would go back there for our next puppy in a heartbeat. Caleb, I can’t thank you enough for being so patient with our many questions and trusting us to give Galaxy a loving home. I hope who reads this will understand just how amazing our experience was and we are beyond grateful for our new addition. Enjoy this place, you won’t be disappointed in any way!


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