Genuinely Cared!

At age 19 I was in South Carolina on the beach & saw two beautiful white dogs that looked very similar to an original Golden Retriever. When I asked what kind of dog they were, the owners told me English Cream Retriever. These two dogs were the  most beautiful dogs I had ever seen, & I fell in love. At age 20 I started looking for a puppy to raise & grow up with & I knew I wanted an English Cream. I looked at many puppies & talked to many breeders. My young age made me more prone to finding puppy scams but I quickly learned how to tell the difference between a scam, a puppy mill, a breeder who only cared about money, and a breeder like Caleb. Not only were Caleb’s puppies the most beautiful but he genuinely cared about where they were going. He asked me where I lived & what type of home environment I had as well as assured I would treat him well. Caleb also gladly provided me with a reference for me to call.

I drove 7 1/2 hrs. with my dad & sister to pick up my new male puppy “Sailor”. Caleb offered to drive an hr. my way to make our trip shorter but we knew we wanted to see where the puppy grew up & meet Caleb & his family. When we got there, Caleb let the puppy down & it ran & embraced me! We met Caleb’s family as well as the pup’s family & the other dogs on site. All the dogs are kept in amazing conditions!

Posting pictures of my handsome “Sailor” on social media has brought many people calling & asking where I got this beautiful dog. My cousin ended up calling me asking where I got my puppy & I referred her to Caleb. She decided to get his brother so the pups will get to see each other again.

If you are looking for a puppy, I highly recommend Caleb. The puppies are happy, healthy & extremely gorgeous!


Sailor & Bennett (Ranger & Lacey’s Litter)  1 yr. old

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