Highly Recommended!

Nearly all my life I’ve wanted a large breed of dog. However, because of their size, I wanted to be confident that I chose a breed with a stellar temperament. Digging through countless articles and videos we finally made our choice- we firmly settled on the stately English Mastiff.

Perfect, we found our breed! Now, the question loomed: where would we find an English Mastiff breeder near our small town?

Enter Pine Meadow Mastiffs. Was I ever absolutely overjoyed to discover that we had a reputed breeder of these giants  in our pint-sized town.

After visiting Caleb’s operation countless times, I can categorically tell you he’s a professional and humane breeder. Immaculate to a fault, his facilities house very healthy and happy pups! His Mastiffs were all beautiful examples of the breed and very well-socialized too.

Since purchasing our “Homer”  Caleb has been so attentive to our calls and questions. He’s voluntarily called us and texted us to check on how Homer is adjusting.

Honestly, you can’t ask for better quality animals and breeder. Highly recommended!



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